Ambaji Mandir


  1. Individuals/families are encouraged to sponsor Puja/Kirtan or Puja/Kirtan and Annadana on Sunday at Ambaji Mandir. To schedule Puja/Kirtan/Annadana please contact Temple @ (727) 388-6685/ .
  2. Suggested minimum donation for Puja/Kirtan & Annadana is $101.00. Generous donations will , however, be appreciated because donations are the main source of funds for maintaining Ambaji Mandir.
  3. Annadana is prepared at the premises. Sponsors may, however, bring additional "Prasad" if they so desire. Sponsors' help in serving "Annadana" is welcome and encouraged.
  4. Mandir's cleanliness is important. Sponsors' help is requested to clean the hall after "Annadana" is served. Cleaning professionals are also available to clean the "Annadana" hall and temple.
  5. Please contact Temple @ (727) 388-6685/ for advice, questions and assistance.